Down our highways and around our backroads since 1966!

With mileage comes experience

The wheels on Belanger school buses have been going round and round for over 50 years beginning way back when the Otto Holden hydro dam in Mattawa was being constructed. Since 1966, Belanger Brownway Bus Lines have been delivering safe, effective, and dependable student transportation solutions serving the Mattawa and North Bay Highway Corridor. Today, with a fleet of over 20 school buses, transportation vans and a luxury Activity Bus, the name Belanger Brownway has become synonymous with professional, committed and friendly bus service.

Our Team

"Many kids are not morning people, but all of our drivers are! A smile goes a long way."


Regardless of the age of the student passenger, being greeting with a smile and a welcoming nod is a great start to any school day; a weekday that begins with a caring school bus driver who takes pride in serving the children and families. There are times for a student when the sight of the bus is greeted with a sigh and eyerolls. Students have enough on their minds without having to appreciate the logistics put in place to ensure that they are picked up on time and delivered to school safely. But this is fine. Getting to the bus stop on time is their only concern; getting them to school safely and on time is our only concern.

At Belanger Brownway Bus Lines, your trusted team of drivers, monitors, dispatchers and technicians are all experienced professionals and members of the local community. We are dedicated to providing Mattawa students and families with only the highest level of service.

All of us here at Belanger Brownway are familiar, trusted faces in the regions we serve. As a company, we're proud of our heritage, and as a team we work together to ensure that we all succeed.

Meet some of the Belanger Brownway Team


Pictured from left to right: Richard Gingras, Mike Belanger, Brenda Kelly, Shirley Belanger, Dan Belanger

Shirley Belanger
Position: Office Administrator / Bus Driver
Responsibilities: Pull back the curtain of Belanger Brownway Bus Lines and you'll find Shirley answering phones and replying to emails while scheduling drivers and charter bus rentals. Added to this list are accounting and payroll duties and those of trusted bus driver.

Dan Belanger
Position: Owner/Operator/Mechanic / Bus Driver
Responsibilities: Overseeing the business that is Belanger Brownway Bus Lines, Dan also assumes fleet maintenance and mechanic duties. Dan is also behind the wheel and in the driver's seat of both charter and school buses.

Mike Belanger
Position: Owner/Operator/Auto Body Repair / Bus Driver
Responsibilities: When not behind the wheel of a school bus or manning a charter excursion, Mike works at overseeing all aspects of the bus line's business while performing automotive body repair work.

Brenda Kelly
Position: Office Clerk / Bus Driver
Responsibilities: Brenda provides administrative and accounting support while fulfilling her duties as school bus driver.

Richard Gingras
Position: Head Mechanic/ Bus Driver
Responsibilities: In his role as Head Mechanic, Richard ensures that all wheels on all buses and vans keep turning safely and the engines run smoothly. Through a comprehensive maintenance program on the Belanger Brownway Bus Line fleet, all students and charter passengers alike can take comfort in the fact that the bus is running tip-top. And, as with all members of the team, Richard drives bus.

Our Vision. Our Mission.

Belanger Brownway Bus Lines works continually to exceed customer expectations through progressive technologies and innovation.

Each day, we dedicate ourselves wholly to creating a safe and considerate working environment; fostering originality and innovation, while promoting enthusiasm in meeting customer requirements. As a model Corporate Citizen, we strive constantly to make positive contributions to Mattawa and areas. By keeping our students and customers at the heart of everything we do, we set the highest standards and continually seek out ways to improve our services.

All of us here at Belanger Brownway are familiar, trusted faces in the regions we serve. As a company, we're proud of our heritage, and as a team we work together to ensure that we all succeed.